We have lived on Isla for over 20 years and have had the pleasure of working with Jim Botaish with RE/MAX ISLA on several occasions. We recently sold our rental property and it was a pleasure to work with Jim throughout this process, everything was done in a very professional manner and his response to any questions or concerns was handled in an extremely timely manner to the satisfaction of all concerned. Jim and his highly professional team’s knowledge of the real estate market on Isla Mujeres are outstanding. We still have property on Isla Mujeres and we would absolutely use Jim Botaish and RE/MAX ISLA should we decide to sell again! Jim comes with a very high recommendation!

Tony & Mim Gallagher
Isla Mujeres, México

I closed on my property in November of 2023 and this is to anyone wishing to buy property on Isla Mujeres; I highly recommend that you call Colin Howard with RE/MAX ISLA. Colin is unmatched with his attention to detail and knowledge of the island. Buying property in Mexico can be tricky, but Colin was there for us during the entire process. Even after the closing Colin has continued to help us figure out all of the little things that comes with owning property on Isla. So give Colin from RE/MAX ISLA a call you will not be disappointed.

Jimmy Hawkins
Isla Mujeres,México

Buying and selling a property in another country can be stressful in unchartered territory. You definitely want a reputable realtor to help guide you from start to finish. Jim Botaish, the owner of RE/MAX ISLA is a true professional when I decided to sell my property. Jim made it happen and he was always available to answer any questions I had throughout the selling process.

Troy Schroeder
Baton Rouge, LA

I would like to recommend Colin Howard and RE/MAX ISLA for their excellent work in selling our property, the “Treehouse,” on Isla Mujeres. Their professionalism and attention to detail were evident throughout the process. Colin’s professional demeanor was consistent and reassuring. He handled all aspects of the sale with the utmost care and respect for all parties involved. He kept us informed with regular updates. His communication was clear, direct, and he was always available to answer our questions. Having worked with many realtors in my professional life, I found Colin’s structured approach to be very effective. He followed a clear plan that led to a successful sale without any unnecessary detours. Challenges arose, as they often (I mean always) do in real estate transactions, but Colin remained calm and collected, addressing each issue with a level head. Colin was diligent in overseeing the transaction. His timely responses and follow-ups were appreciated and helped keep everything on track. If I were to rate Colin’s and RE/MAX ISLA’s services, it would exceed the standard scale. Colin’s organizational skills and the smooth process were notable. Knowing many realtors in the area, I can confidently say that Colin and RE/MAX ISLA are trustworthy and reliable. Their work ethic and knowledge of the market are commendable. During the closing phase Colin’s guidance was invaluable, especially in navigating the complexities of tax and closing costs, which ultimately benefited our bottom line. Colin Howard and RE/MAX ISLA have my sincere recommendation for anyone looking for a competent and reliable real estate agent or agency. Their approach is straightforward, effective, and client-focused.

Gerry Wawzonek
Calgary, Alberta

After spending many years vacationing on Isla, we decided to take the plunge and buy a condo at Estrella Del Mar. Working with Colin from RE/MAX ISLA was an absolute pleasure. He is very professional, explaining the process thoroughly and taking each part of the purchase process step by step. We felt completely at ease from start to finish and every time we had questions, they were addressed promptly. We recommend Colin and RE/MAX ISLA highly for all your real estate needs on Isla Mujeres.

Alice and Ishti
Sedona AZ

Buying a property in Mexico is quite different from buying property in the States. This is something that Colin with RE/MAX ISLA told us in the very beginning. We had been visiting Isla Mujeres for 16 years, sometimes twice a year, and fell in love with it our first trip. Our goal was to someday purchase a home and Colin with RE/MAX ISLA helped us make it happen. With Colin’s help, we found a home that checked all our wish list boxes. In addition, he made recommendations for us regarding Mexican attorneys, insurance agents for Mexico properties and a general contractor for improvements we were planning for the home. He was always available to take our questions and responded quickly. It was a pleasure to work with them!

Glinda & Darryl Tagle
Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Well, I really just can’t say enough about Jim Botaish and the RE/MAX ISLA team! They are professional, prepared and works with only the best attorneys and Notaries. Above all, I found him to be completely trustworthy and having spent 20 plus years on Isla Mujeres this has been the case since I arrived. Jim is also very patient as we needed a bit of hand holding during our sale; he takes each challenge and fixes it. He also knows all the legal requirements and newer regulations and is always up to date. Many of my long term Isla friends work exclusively with Jim Botaish and the RE/MAX ISLA team as I did.

Jeff Current
Isla Mujeres, Mexico

We feel extremely fortunate to have worked with Colin and the RE/MAX ISLA team to find our beautiful condo on the island. The entire process of working with him, which was mostly done remotely due to the pandemic, was entirely smooth & very personable. His professionalism and diligent communications kept us well-informed on every critical detail in a very prompt & courteous manner. Colin was very organized and supremely knowledgeable about the real estate market on the island; he provided expert insights and guidance, and his honesty and ethics really set him apart.

Working with Colin and the RE/MAX ISLA team was a seamless pleasure & will do it again very soon – hopefully 🙂

Thank you Colin

Zeina & Lina
Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Jim Botaish from RE/MAX ISLA represented me and my wife with selling our condominium on Isla Mujeres in July 2022. As the selling agent Jim was quick to arrange and coordinate viewings of the condo with colleagues in the RE/MAX ISLA office as well as with other real estate agencies. He also coordinated our association with a great English speaking lawyer.

Selling property in Mexico is much more difficult and stressful than selling in the US or Canada. However, with Jim’s experience and expertise, the process went relatively smoothly. Even though we had to deal with some new requirements that had been recently implemented for sellers, we closed on the exact date Jim stated in the purchasing agreement. While Jim was not the agent representing the buyers of our unit, he went above and beyond what he needed to do and helped the buyers resolve some issues during the closing process.

Jerry and Robin
Colorado, USA

Colin with RE/MAX ISLA was very professional to work with. He handled every situation with patience and has very good communication. We worked with him and RE/MAX ISLA on a purchase of land and sale of a condo. We would work with Colin and RE/MAX ISLA again in the future and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great Realtor on the island. It made all the difference that he speaks English and has a great rapport with locals and other realtors. We are from Canada so we are used to working with Realtors in a particular manner, he was just as professional to work and made the transition smooth.

M. Logullo

When deciding to sell our house on Isla Mujeres we were filled with sadness and trepidation at this daunting task. We listed with several agencies and then signed a listing agreement with Jim Botaish the Owner/Broker at RE/MAX ISLA. That’s when our whirlwind relationship began.

Jim listed the house with us one day, and then he showed the house the next day and we accepted an offer within 24 hours after the showing. When he put the sign up the next day it had a sale pending attachment. From then to closing everything fell in to place. Jim as well as the attorney he recommended were so knowledgeable and were available to answer any questions and talk us through the processes with professionalism and patience. We not only met two amazing professionals we made two fabulous friends in the process. Their attention to detail and knowledge of both Mexican and US real estate was immeasurable.

We would highly recommend Jim Botaish at RE/MAX ISLA when buying or selling real estate on Isla Mujeres. You will not be disappointed!

Dennis and Judi
Iowa, USA

Chantale and I just spent our first 2 weeks as Island locals! We’ve been coming to Isla for a few years and fell in love with the island, people, and the lifestyle! We saw for sale by owner properties, but for our peace of mind decided to use a known agency in RE/MAX ISLA. We asked Colin Howard to guide us through the foreign purchasing process. Colin, Jim, and the RE/MAX ISLA team never lost focus, we worked hand in hand with their very knowledgeable lawyer and they closed the deal. We love our new home on Isla Mujeres. Thank you so much!

Chantale and Hp
Isla Mujeres, Mexico

I recently completed the sale of my home on Isla Mujeres. In my 40 plus years of residential construction and real estate development I have had countless dealings with realtors. I can honestly say that Jim Botaish from RE/MAX ISLA has been superior in all aspects of the transaction. He is honest and forthright and excels at presenting all the details surrounding the sale. He is a no nonsense guy and doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear. Jim knows his stuff and was thoroughly professional throughout the long process. I was kept up to date on all phases and being told beforehand what to expect was invaluable. His stable of attorneys, notary’s et al was excellent. If you want a truly knowledgeable and professional realtor I highly recommend you contact Jim Botaish with RE/MAX ISLA.

Robert Badenoch
Virginia, USA

My partner and I just completed the scariest financial endeavor of our lives. We bought a 3/4 million dollar house …on an island …in Mexico …CASH! We had to deal with a real estate agent, an attorney, an accountant, and a notary, all total strangers. We had to wire them, over a period of 4 months, $10’s of thousands at a time in cash, with our bank red flagging each transfer. We would’ve bailed on the deal at the 1st request for a wire transfer, had it not been for Jim Botaish, the owner of RE/MAX ISLA. Jim refused to even show us properties until he sat us down, and went step-by-step on how everything in the buying process works, what to expect & not to expect, and when to expect it. He presented all the options, and why people choose the ones they do. He never pushed or pressured us, and only gave his personal opinion when we pressed him. Jim, an American who’s lived on the island for over 20 years, was the perfect blend of professional businessman, friend, “dude with the connections,” and “hand holder.” The English speaking Mexican team of, attorney, accountant, and notary that Jim put together was top notch, responsive, and “prompt.” Thank you Jim, for guiding us through the quagmire, and into our dream home.

Larry & Debbi
Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Working with Colin Howard and the RE/MAX ISLA team on Isla Mujeres was a pleasure. Living in Denver and purchasing a home in Mexico was stressful and Colin maintained a cool head and professional demeanor the entire time. I recommend the RE/MAX ISLA team to anyone looking to buy on Isla Mujeres!!

Vicky P.
Isla Mujeres, Mexico

We can’t begin to say how thankful we are to have Jim Botaish with RE/MAX ISLA as our Realtor. As I’m a Realtor in the states it probably was a little harder to deal with me, knowing what all I know and how we do Real Estate transactions in the states. Let me start off by saying Jim was always willing to answer any and all of my questions in a timely manner. He made this transaction a breeze. A little back story of my wife and me; we started coming to our little island about 17 years ago and every time we made it there we said one day we will own a home here. Well after all the years of looking and meeting I think every Realtor on the island, we finally got the opportunity to meet Jim. We hit it off right away. We knew we could call any of the agents on the island but we knew we would be in great hands with Jim. We were right. Thank you for everything Jim and thank you for helping our dream come true with the purchase of “CASA KIM”. We already have bookings and our property manager is amazing. Next step in Casa Kim is a rooftop pool. Anyone looking to purchase or sell on our ISLA reach out to Jim if you’re looking for a professional that takes pride in what he does.

Robb Ascherin & Kim Swaney
Troutdale, Oregon
Casa Kim
Isla Mujeres, Mexico

I purchased an oceanfront home from RE/MAX ISLA in July, 2020, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic! From the moment I inquired about the home, in February, 2020, and through the present time which is many months after the purchase, I have been thoroughly impressed with their helpfulness, professionalism, and knowledge of the island, Mexico, and the laws surrounding purchases by foreigners. If you are considering the purchase of real estate in Mexico, I would highly recommend both Colin and Jim at RE/MAX ISLA.

Bob Mohr
Dallas, Texas

Colin Howard at RE/MAX ISLA provided us the real estate services for our purchase of a condo at Estrella del Mar. His services and follow ups were the best of the best. We had used him in a previous search. He has always been honest and informative on properties and the process. My wife and I highly recommend him and the RE/MAX ISLA services.

Karl Nollenberger
Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Once my wife Mel and I made the decision to sell the home that we built in Isla Mujeres in 2005, the decision of who to enlist to find us a buyer and help us to navigate the intricacies of an international house sale was easy, Jim Botaish of RE/MAX ISLA.

We have known Jim for over 10 years and have always know him as an honest and kind person. What we didn’t know about Jim until we listed our home with him is that he is also a master of managing expectations and assembling a hard working team of professionals. His straight forward and honest style of communication is a definite plus when selling a home in a foreign country for the first time.

As property managers on the island for 15 years we have worked with all the real estate companies that have come and gone over the years. Being a tourist destination, there are a lot of people that want to spend an afternoon “looking” at houses for sale. Most of them have no intention of purchasing; they only want to “look”. As property managers and home owners it is an expensive and time consuming process to ask rental clients to vacate a property so a Realtor can show the home. Jim and his team have always been the best at screening potential buyers from those that want to entertain themselves for an afternoon by looking at real estate. Every showing that Jim and his team contacted us to set up was with a legitimate buyer, scheduled with flexibility for our clients in mind and done “on time” and with minimal effect of rental clients that were occupying the property. If you are considering selling your home that is also a vacation rental property, save yourself the time and hassle of scheduling showings by choosing RE/MAX ISLA.

Jim and his team helped us set a listing price that was correct for the market and in a sweet spot that generated interest and eventually a buyer. They helped with capital gains tax issues and the entire closing process.

We expected that the sales process could take 20-30 months to find a buyer and close but Jim and his team found the buyer and had the project funded in under 13 months (with COVID delays included).

If you are considering selling your home in Isla Mujeres the decision of finding a Realtor and Real Estate company to help you with the process is an easy one….Jim Botaish and RE/MAX ISLA.

Ron Herman
Isla Home Management Services

The idea of owning our own place on Isla has been a dream ever since we first came to the island together in 2013 for our honeymoon. It wasn’t just a whim for us, but a real sense in our hearts that Isla Mujeres would be our future home. Our confidence grew with each visit, but by 2019, it started to feel like our ability to afford a place was slipping away.

Thankfully, we connected with Colin Howard at RE/MAX ISLA and he was able to connect us to the view of our dreams on the island of our dreams in a penthouse condo. It fit into our budget, and we worked together to close quickly, without any serious hassle. Buying in Mexico really does require great professional guidance, and we never had a reason to doubt the process from start to finish.

We highly recommend Colin and Jim at REMAX ISLA, and we’ll be working with them whenever we need real estate here on the island again.

Drew Deal
Isla Mujeres, Mexico

With the help of Jim Botaish we sold our large Caribbean front lot on Isla Mujeres in late 2019. Jim provided solid advice, as well as good legal contacts, which made the sale go very smoothly. Throughout the time, when our lot was listed (we were in no hurry to sell, waiting for the right market conditions) communication with Jim was always fluid. When buyers approached Jim with proposals containing tax evasion or similar ‘semi-legal’ schemes, he was always above board about this; we would like to laud his absolute honesty in this respect. When the sale went through, Jim kept us well informed during the process and recommended a good lawyer for us, who also did a good job. We can recommend Jim Botaish as your real estate agent on Isla Mujeres, he knows the market, and he is honest and open.

Bart and Peter

We were on a list for a new build for 2 1/2 years. During that time we stayed in regular contact with Colin from RE/MAX ISLA and got prompt replies to our many inquiries. When further delays appeared inevitable, Colin sent photos of other properties, one of which caught our eye. We jumped on a plane and knew when we saw it that it was the place for us. Colin wrapped up our deal quickly with the seller and the sale proceeded as planned using the lawyer RE/MAX ISLA recommended. Leaving Isla is not so painful now that we know we have a place we love to go back to.

C. Roberts and S. Larson
Colorado, USA

Working with RE/MAX ISLA and Jim Botaish to sell our home on Isla Mujeres was a great experience.
All calls, questions and emails were replied quickly and professionally.
We were also very impressed with the attorney and legal team Jim recommended. Together they worked diligently to ensure the entire process went smoothly and pleasantly.

We highly recommend RE/MAX ISLA and Jim Botaish.

Thanks again Jim!

Shirley & Meinrad Baumer
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Let me tell you about Jim and Colin from RE/MAX ISLA on Isla Mujeres:

I purchased a beautiful new home on the southern end of Isla Mujeres in the spring of 2016, and after spending a bit of time establishing a solid VRBO home rental business, decided to list the home for sale with another real estate company in March of 2017. This was another company that also had both a local and international presence. The person I dealt with there took a look at my home and priced it way beyond what it was worth. I had zero showings in ten months and fired them.

Here was the lesson: as a resident of Toronto, owning a home in Mexico did cause some anxiety – quite natural when you can’t physically go and check in on your property. You are going with someone else’s word. Knowing that, you need a real estate agent who knows the market and can assess a realistic value. Too many homes on Isla Mujeres have been sitting on the market for too long because the real estate agent has priced it too high in order to secure the listing. I lived on the island for a year – this is a common practice. That’s why you see so many listings that have been sitting around for such a long period of time. And that isn’t good when you are trying to sell your property.

You need people who know the market, and know how to price your property so that it will sell.
I fired the other company, hired RE/MAX ISLA, and they had my home sold in a month.
There are many, many great opportunities to own vacation property in Mexico. I would recommend it to anyone. It’s a great place to do business – if you are working with people who know what they are doing.

Mark Keast
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We recently SOLD a property on Isla Mujeres and chose Jim Botaish as our listing realtor. From our first meeting all the way through to the end of the sale we always knew we picked the right guy. His personality, professionalism and knowledge of selling Real Estate in Mexico are to be remarked upon. His communication skills are excellent too. We were made aware of all showings as well as the feedback from each showing, which was very important to us living in the United States. We know that all of the T’s have been crossed, all of the I’s dotted with this sale and that the new owners have a wonderful Island home to enjoy on Isla Mujeres. Thank you Jim and Team RE/MAX ISLA!

Rick and Susan
Michigan USA

This is just a short note to tell you how impressed we were with your assistance finding our dream vacation home on Isla Mujeres. From the initial phone call from Canada, to the consultation at your office to the showing of different homes and options we had made our purchase experience very enjoyable. You were always a phone call or email away and you always answered promptly which was greatly appreciated as purchasing a home in a different country always poses many questions. Thank you for meeting us in Cancun for the closing at the Notary Office and taking the ferry back with us to Isla and formally handing over the keys.

Your professionalism throughout was greatly appreciated and we would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a place in Paradise!

Cindy & Dale Wurfel
CAJJO DEL MAR, Isla Mujeres

RE/MAX ISLA made our recent Isla Mujeres real estate purchase experiences virtually stress free. Our agent, Colin, with the assistance of the “Team” at RE/MAX ISLA, promptly addressed all our needs and concerns and thoroughly explained all the processes which make real estate purchases on Isla Mujeres very unique. We are super pleased with our purchase as well as our experience with Colin at RE/MAX ISLA. We highly recommend their services.

Orrin and Sylvia McLeod
Isla Mujeres, Mexico

My wife and I have traveled to Isla Mujeres for years and always dreamed of owning a property on the island. The dream of ownership and the reality of purchasing a property in a foreign country can be very scary and confusing. We chose to contact Jim Botaish with RE/MAX ISLA after a lot of research based on his years of experience in the area and the comfort of working with a company like RE/MAX we were familiar with. Jim was very accommodating when working with our schedule to view properties, he walked us through the entire purchase process and has been great to follow up after our purchase to make sure things are going as planned. We have found our paradise and are able to fully enjoy it thanks to Jim Botaish and RE/MAX ISLA! Thanks Jim

Ed and Missy Vitt
Paris, Mo

After reading the all testimonials for RE/MAX ISLA, I have little to add. I can testify that all the comments are true, articulate, and reflect my same experience in working with Jim Botaish with RE/MAX ISLA on my purchase of beachfront property on Isla Mujeres. I highly recommend him and his company as knowledgeable, competent, and trustworthy of handling any purchase or sell on Isla Mujeres. Their referrals to the professionals needed during the transaction and their continuing communications with all parties involved gave me confidence through the entire transaction.

Shirley Lanehart
Austin, Texas

After years of attempting to find a property on Isla within my price range a friend suggested I contact Jim Botaish of RE/MAX ISLA. Jim was by far the most responsive and efficient agent I have ever worked with both here and in Canada. He knows the market, is honest and more then capable of finding that dream property for you. In spite of the fact that his commission on the property I eventually purchased was minimal, the service I received was comparable to what one might expect if they were purchasing a million dollar property. I highly recommend Jim and his company RE/MAX ISLA. You won’t be disappointed.

Gloria Gallant
Toronto, Ontario

Jim Botaish and RE/MAX ISLA were terrific to work with. He very plainly and in a straight forward manner explained how the process works for buying property on Isla. He put us in touch with very competent professionals for legal and accounting services and walked us through every step of the way. He stayed in contact, told us when to expect the next steps to happen and what would be taking place. The whole process was actually very simple and Jim was a big part of that.
We would highly recommend Jim to anyone looking to purchase a property in Isla Mujeres.

Jeff and Mary Taylor
Iowa, USA

It was a pleasure having Jim Botaish and RE/MAX ISLA represent us in selling our Isla Mujeres home. His professionalism and attention to detail was refreshing and appreciated. We would not hesitate to use their services again if needed. Our comments are an A+ rating of Jim and his company, RE/MAX ISLA.

Bill & Debbie Medlin
Myrtle Beach S.C.

During our visit to Isla Mujeres we decided to purchase an island home. We were extremely fortunate to meet Jim Botaish from REMAX. The property that Jim showed us was exactly what we were looking for and at a reasonable price. Jim’s expertise on the island and his knowledge of local architects, lawyers, accountants and property managers was invaluable. We highly recommend Jim as an agent, consultant, and expert on the island and all of the aspects of the market.

Thanks again,

Ed & Cindy
Washington, Pennsylvania

We recently purchased an oceanfront home on Isla Mujeres. A mutual friend on the island introduced us to Jim Botaish of RE/MAX ISLA. On our second visit with Jim, he showed us numerous properties on the island…all within our price range. After showing us each property, Jim carefully listened to our pros and cons. We decided which property was right for us and Jim carefully explained the process for foreigners acquiring property in Mexico. He was honest about the process and the time frame. Jim answered our many questions and concerns with great detail and patience. Throughout the purchasing process, Jim stayed in frequent contact with us via email and phone. Our purchase closed earlier than expected, thanks to Jim’s efforts. We would highly recommend Jim Botaish and RE/MAX ISLA to anyone looking to purchase property on Isla Mujeres.

Elaine and Pat Murphy
Isla Mujeres, Mexico

“Todd and I have worked directly with Jim Botaish and RE/MAX ISLA to find both our homes that we own on Isla Mujeres and both home buying processes went seamlessly.  Jim handled all the communications with the seller in addition to introducing us to local accountants and attorneys.  Jim walked us through the entire process and even beyond closing. That said a lot about Jim’s professionalism to Todd & me.  Jim is extremely honest and genuine (a rare find!) and will always look out for your best interest.  Jim is a long time resident of Isla Mujeres and found us our perfect island home(s). Todd & I will always have Jim represent us with any/all future real estate transactions and we would recommend him to anyone interested in owning a slice of paradise.”

Ashley and Todd Wilkens
Isla Mujeres Mexico

“I had the privilege of working with Jim Botaish and REMAX ISLA as my Realtor when looking to purchase a home in Isla Mujeres, MX.  Jim’s knowledge about real estate is multi-faceted and he is most certainly able to do more than the average agent.   I appreciated his ability to advise me and walk me through all the formalities that come with buying a home in Mexico.   Jim made my purchase smooth and uncomplicated.  It was a joy to work him.   He was there with help and support in every possible way.  I would not hesitate to recommend Jim Botaish and REMAX ISLA to any person who is looking to buy or sell a home in the Isla Mujeres area, as well as seeking his services in any of my future real estate transactions.”


Elaine Girelli
Isla Mujeres, Mexico

“I can’t begin to say how thankful I was to have RE/MAX ISLA and Jim Botaish as my realtor. I recently purchased my home on Isla Mujeres and…I was clueless! I have no idea how many texts, calls, and emails I sent to him and he would always answer promptly and honestly. He is very upfront; he will tell you how it is which I found to be invaluable. I felt he was on ‘My Team’ and I appreciated his help, expertise, professionalism and honesty. This is the man you want to be on your side when you are buying a house!”

Cheryl Solorz
Isla Mujeres, Mexico

“All I can say is “Thank you” to Jim Botaish with RE/MAX ISLA for helping me with the purchase of Villa Tranquila on Isla Mujeres! Jim was very up front and honest in regard to the necessary things that I would have to do with the purchase and once the purchase was completed.

My family and I are extremely pleased with his services, before, during and after our purchase. I would recommend to anyone the use of his company RE/MAX ISLA and their services when looking to purchase real estate in Mexico, especially Isla Mujeres.”

Jim Motsko
Ocean City, Maryland

“During the height or shall I say the bottom of the recession in 2010 our realtor Jim Botaish of RE/MAX ISLA was able to sell two of our homes on Isla Mujeres within a few month period. I appreciated his thoroughness and professionalism and would highly recommend him for anyone considering buying or selling property on Isla Mujeres.”

Michael Walter
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

“Bernadette and I would like to thank you and your company RE/MAX ISLA for all of the time and patience that you shared with us and in helping us find our beautiful home on Isla Mujeres. Purchasing the right property or selling one can be a daunting task so we spent a considerable amount of time looking for the right realtor and we were so happy to find you and have you as part of our team.

There are so many questions that need to be answered regarding the purchase or sale of a home in another country and you came to us very well versed in the current laws.  If there was anything at all that you were unsure of, you gladly had it researched for us. This really solidified our confidence in you and in the process.

Jim thanks again for your patience and for your dedication and commitment to your clients. We will look forward to working with you and your company RE/MAX ISLA again on any future real estate purchases or sales that we may choose to undertake.”

Best regards,
Phil & Bernadette
Isla Mujeres, Mexico

“It was pleasure working with Jim Botaish and RE/MAX ISLA on the sale of our properties on Isla Mujeres.  I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM to other potential buyers or sellers on the Island. I appreciated his personal touch and responding quickly to all our questions and issues involved in our transactions.”

Jim Nye
Maryland, USA

“We were very pleased with RE/MAX ISLA and Jim Botaish as our realtor when we purchased our condominium on Isla Mujeres in 2012 and continue to value Jim as our friend and realtor.  Jim drove us around the island, orienting us for looking at condos and showing us the sights.  We looked at six condos, including the one we had previously identified from his website as our primary interest.  That condo continued to be our first choice at the end of the first day.  We met with Jim the next day and told him we would like to make an offer.  When we met again the following day, he happily informed us that our offer was accepted.  With Jim’s and the attorney’s assistance, we were able to accomplish the closing from the US without a trip to the island.  When we traveled back to Isla about a month after closing to move into our condo, Jim had arranged with the property manager to have the condo cleaned and arranged for the transfer of utilities.  Jim met us with the keys and helped make the move-in go smoothly.  Honestly, the entire experience from first introduction to Jim through the search, offer and acceptance, closing and move-in could not have been better.  Jim continues to be a friend and we often turn to him for advice and information about Isla Mujeres.”

Terry and Michele Bowmaster
Isla Mujeres, Mexico

 “We wanted Jim Botaish with RE/MAX ISLA to help Debbie and me with a purchase of a new casa on the beautiful Island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico.  Jim was a patient man. Over the 2 years that we were seriously looking he showed us many properties. He knew our intentions to not just vacation there but also our thoughts that we could offset some of our expenses by making it an income property. Once he showed us the place that we fell in love with he then made the rest of the process in buying our new home easy.

Jim has lived and worked on Isla for many years and knows the ins and outs of the island and the people who live there. Jim did extra things for us that we really appreciated. Jim is a Professional Realtor that will go over and above his job to help make your dreams come true. We hold Jim in high regard and highly recommend him to anyone else who has fallen in love with Isla Mujeres and like us plan to make this amazing little Island part of their lives.”

Rick and Debbie Pattyn
Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.